Can Explored.ca mail me more information?

    No. Explored.ca is a Web based Travel Information site, we do not have printed material to mail out.

I submitted my company, but the information is not the same as I entered?

    All listings on Explored.ca are subject to editing by our editor.

I submitted my company, but when I look for it I can't find it?

    All listings on Explored.ca are subject to editing by our editor, Before they are published.

Can I Hot Link my listing to my Website?

    Yes. Explored.ca will link your listing to your site in exchange for a link back. Just email editor@explored.ca when the link has been placed on your site.

My company is listed on Explored.ca, but the information in the listing is not correct. How do I change it?

    To change your listing email editor@explored.ca and include Company Name, Changes to be made, and Explored.ca page listing is on.

I found a broken link. Who should I contact?

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, but am afraid I will get a lot of spam.

    Explored.ca does not sell it's newsletter list, and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you are already a subscriber and would like to stop receiving the Newsletter Click Here.